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10x Sunchocola Hybrid Cherry Tomato Seeds

10x Sunchocola Hybrid Cherry Tomato Seeds

Sweet, smoky flavored cherry tomato. Very productive.

From 2019 harvest, grown organically in Ojai, California. These Chocolate Sunchocola fruit have a sweet flavor, juicier texture and lower acid.

Sunchocola cherry tomato plants are productive, dark green, and indeterminate that produce clusters of 8-12 fruits each along the vine. The fruit are large for a cherry tomato, 2.5 x 2.5cm (1 x 1”), weighing in at 28 to 56 grams each (1 to 2 oz). This variety is resistant to Tomato Mosaic Virus. Plant Sunchocola in your organic vegetable garden and enjoy mountains of sweet fruits all summer long.

Be sure to trellis this tall vine variety, and keep plants picked to encourage more fruit set. This variety is well suited to five gallon containers for balcony growing, but be sure to provide support.

Each package includes ten (10) seeds.

All our garden seeds are hand-selected and packaged in resealable airtight bags (each bag is individually labeled), and for the current growing season. The seeds are from organically grown plants grown in Ojai, California.


All seeds are shipped in recycled paper envelopes.


    1. Fill the pots with potting mix to within a 1/2-inch of the top and place a pair of seeds on top of the soil in each one near the center of the pot (having two is good insurance in case one doesn’t sprout. Pinch off the smaller, weaker of the two if they both sprout).

    2. Cover them with a ¼-inch layer of soil mix and the compress the soil with your fingers. Good seed-to-soil contact is important for germination.

    3. Sprinkle water on the seeds whenever the top of the soil mix appears dry. Don’t keep the soil soggy, however – the seeds may rot.

    The seeds will need a sunny window with at least 4 hours of direct sun each day, but preferably more. Also: the warmer it is, the faster tomato seeds will germinate. Maintaining room temperature above 60ºF will get the job done, but can also use seedling heat mats or heat lamps. A simple way is to cover the pots tightly with plastic and take advantage of the greenhouse effect to warm up the soil when the sun is out and hold on to the heat at night!


    Ready to ship in 1–3 business days.

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