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Health Benefits of Tomatoes

The tomato fruit, grown in a variety of shapes and colors, is a storehouse of immense health benefits. The red ripe round tomatoes are a readily available ingredient. The advantage of this juicy fruit is that it can be enjoyed fresh and as cooked too! See the below tips from around the world for healthy reasons to eat tomatoes.

Read on to know the 8 impressive health benefits of tomatoes.

1. Skin

Tomatoes get a vibrant red color owing to the high Lycopene content. This substance is excellent to safeguard the skin from the sun’s UV rays. Sun rays cause tanning which results in blemishes, spots, and speeds up the ageing process. Therefore, eating fresh tomato salad can prove highly effective for maintaining tan-free youthful skin.

2. Heart

Lycopene, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, & flavonoids help maintain blood pressure levels which is essential to keep the heart healthy. A strong heart prevents heart attacks and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Additionally, by increasing immunity, lowering cholesterol levels, relieving inflammation, and eliminating blood clotting issues, tomatoes are great for shielding against strokes.

3. Lungs

Active cigarette smokers, passive smokers, and those who have quit smoking can help heal some of the damage caused to their lungs by incorporating tomatoes into their diet. The presence of 2 acids- chlorogenic & coumaric, prove highly beneficial for the lungs.

Furthermore, tomatoes are great for protecting and strengthening the lungs from asthma & emphysema diseases.

4. Eyes

Never before have our eyes been seriously affected by excessive digital screen exposure. Eye fatigue, throbbing headaches, & watery eyes are some common issues, do these sound familiar? The zeaxanthin and lutein content in tomatoes work brilliantly for relieving such eye troubles.

For all kids, youth, and adults, tomatoes have been useful for delaying age-related vision problems as well!

5. Liver

Digestion problems are often found to be related to a weak liver. All the spicy meals, junk food, & carbonated drinks work to worsen the digestive condition. The fibrous fresh tomato slices can be a quick natural remedy to relieve digestive discomfort and strengthen the liver.

6. Hair

Perm hair styling, hot electric irons, chemicals in hair colors, & pollution have taken a toll on hair quality. To restore the natural hair shine, control hair loss, and sort scalp concerns (like dandruff & odor), adding tomatoes to your everyday meals is an excellent easy solution.

Vitamin A, B, C, & E in organic tomatoes greatly assist in achieving healthy glossy hair. In some countries, people use tomatoes work as a natural conditioner when applied directly to the hair.

7. Cancer

There are many countries around the world that believe tomatoes can help prevent and alleviate the effects of cancers in the stomach, lung, ovary, & prostate. Tomatoes contain high amounts of lycopene. This plant compound aids in fighting off all the immunity & cell-damaging free radicals.

Interestingly, lycopene production is heightened when the fruit/vegetable is cooked. Thus, relish organic tomato-based sauce & curries to keep the cancerous cells far away!

8. Diabetes

Diabetes is another common disease that is considered hereditary. Hence, if any of your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents suffered from diabetes, then it is a good idea to eat a lunch rich in tomatoes. The chromium mineral, present in tomato assists in controlling blood sugar levels.

Moreover, by preventing diabetes, you steer clear of multiple other issues like tissue damage, inflammation, oxidative stress, & atherosclerosis caused by the disease.

Now that you are aware of the astounding health benefits of tomatoes, do add in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals. It tastes delicious in omelets, sandwiches, as pizza topping, with fish, meat, and rice too! Those having a passion for gardening can grow organic tomato plants at home. No that you needed any other reason to eat tomatoes, but there you go!

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